Bungee has been designed by David Allardice of New Zealand. Bungee Jumping is an action that includes jumping from a tall structure while connected to an outsize elastic cord tied to your lower legs and feel the adrenaline surge more than ever. At the point when the individual jump, the line extends and the jumper flies upwards again as the line backlashes, and keeps on wavering all over until all the vitality is scattered. The fixed platform stretches out to the center of the valley; the bungee jumping is done from the tallness of 83 meters and if we talk about feet that is around 273 feet and similar to jumping from a building approx. 22 stories high. Jump masters from the New Zealand brief you are concerning the activity and attach an elastic string to your lower leg and help you as you walk out on an offshoot from a fixed platform to feel the adrenaline surge. After the Jump, the Jumpers are let down to a dropping area within the river which has a water level of just 2 feets. Stroll up to the cafeteria to get pleasure from watching your pictures and video of the jump.

Bungee Jumping is one in all the acclaimed Adventure Sports in Rishikesh and that we provide India’s most astounding altered stage at Mohan chatti close to Rishikesh. bungee Jumping operated within the supervising of Jump Masters those are from New Zealand operate jumping on a cantilever platform designed over an iron cliff dominating a Rocky stream Heval, a tributary of river Ganga. After the White water River rafting on the waterway Ganga in Rishikesh, Bungee jumping may be a die-hart adventure activity and additionally spot for real adventure lovers. This can be thought about as a 1 of the favored adventure sport of India operated in Rishikesh. If you are about to visit Rishikesh don’t forget to get pleasure from bungee Jumping.


Followed world category standards in all operations and activities to confirm your safety, Mr. David Allardice of New Zealand, the designer of these extreme adventure sports in India are going to be conducting external audits frequently to confirm all safety measures are in place.

Taken after world class safety measurements in all operations and activities to confirm your safety, Mr. David Allardice of New Zealand, the planner of these great experience sports in India are going to be conducting outside reviews frequently to confirm all safety measures in set up.

There is an everyday examination of timetables to confirm the abnormal level of safety standards. Jumping height additionally procures outer office to direct outside reviews at the premises twice every year in support of gear and procedures. Because of the tight safety gauges there have never been any Bungee Jumping mishaps in Rishikesh.

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